Gayle Orth Born and raised in the Tacoma-Gig Harbor area, Gayle has always had an intense interest in beautiful and delicious food. Self taught, Gayle’s experience in the field of the culinary arts has created a solid reputation of excellence. She began her career with a vision and untiring determination. With a fierce passion for quality and an uncompromising view of customer service, Gayle has built her business into one of which she is extremely proud. Gayle and David, married nearly 30 years, are the parents of two grown daugthers and doting grandparents to four beautiful granddaughters and a handsome grandson.


 David Orth 
David Orth. Where would Gayle Orth Catering be without him? A commercial real estate broker for more than twenty years, David was always the support behind the scenes for Gayle. Several years ago, David, after much deliberation, decided that he would join the catering company full time and retire his broker’s license. His financial background and business experience have been invaluable to the success of Gayle Orth Catering. David and Gayle very much enjoy working together as a team, not only professionally, but personally as well. They love nothing more than to end their hectic days, at home in the kitchen, preparing a meal and relaxing. About Gayle Orth's 
 Catering Staff

Margaret Garraughty


Margaret Garraughty, with more than 40 years experience, is Gayle Orth Catering’s lead chef, kitchen manager and beverage manager. Cheerful, skilled, responsible and reliable, Margaret’s contributions are without measure!

Whether in our busy kitchen, off site lead chef or lead bartender, or off-site server, Margaret can handle any situation graciously and efficiently. Margaret is also a fabulous web designer and owner of Aloha Web Productions; she is most gratefully credited for this exciting site.

 Melvin Tong 
Born in China and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Tong is a one-man wonder! With knives flying, he is- undeniably- the fastest prep cook in town! When he’s not chopping, peeling, slicing or sautéing, he keeps the Gayle Orth Catering kitchen spotless. Tong is a great bartender and off-site server, and his eternally sunny demeanor and can-do attitude are much appreciated. Respectful, generous and talented, Tong is a very welcome member of our team.

Gayle is proud of her professional and courteous party staff and the outstanding service they give to you and your guests! Many clients write or e-mail us following their event to tell us of the wonderful service they received from our staff. Gayle Orth Catering servers are polite and pleasant at all times. We have a well established reputation in the Tacoma catering field for excellence and professionalism of our service staff.

Hi Gayle, I just wanted to tell you, and hope you will pass along to your team, how thrilled we were with the excellent service last night. The food was delicious, the tables looked great, and everyone was so friendly and helpful – and they were mostly cleaned up before we even got the last of the guests out the door! The professionalism and attention to detail exceeded our expectations and then some. It was a pleasure to work with you throughout the planning process as well, and I am sure we will be doing so again. Thanks so much again for a really great event, Kristin Anderson, GT F L O Y D | S N I D E R Seattle, WA

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